Welcome to the online home of GreenRoomStudios!

Think of us as the gymnasium for musicians! Whether you are starting out on your musical journey, returning from years in the wilderness or getting ready for a once in a lifetime performance, you really should come and say 'Hello!'. We offer fully equipped rehearsal rooms for hire by the hour right through to recording full orchestras across 9 rooms in the same building and everything in between.

Our management team consists of music professionals but don't let that put you off, we all started somewhere and we are all still developing our skills and talents. We are more than happy to leave you to it or equally if you want help or advice, we are on hand to give it.

We have seven acoustically treated studios available to hire, six of which are suited for ‘loud’ rehearsals. Please note, our rehearsal rates are for rehearsal only, any recordings made are for your own personal reference and usage and should not be published. More information on this can be found in our T's & C's under ‘DIY Recording’. If you wish to hire any of our studios to do your own recording or video work, please contact us.

Rehearsal Rates
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Studios 1, 2 & 3
These studios are located on the ground floor and are fully equipped with professional grade gear, drum shell kit (snare drum and/or cymbals available for surcharge), PA, Bass rig and guitar amps.

Studio 4
Located on the first floor, this is our digital studio with a mixing desk, headphone mixer, electronic drum kit and lots of virtual amp plugins. From our own experience, it is often difficult for those used to playing live to make the transition to hearing and performing to mixed sound through cans (headphones). This is a perfect environment for working on balancing a bands sound, vocal harmonies or recording preparation, or simply running through a set list without the need to punish your ears. There are up to four individual mixes available to the headphones so that each person can hear the mix that they want to hear.

Studio 5
Located on the first floor, this studio is fully equipped with professional grade gear, drum shell kit (snare drum and/or cymbals available for surcharge), PA, Bass rig and guitar amps this studio this doubles as our drum room for recording purposes (if required)

Studio 6 - ‘The Live Room’
If it's SPACE you're after then you can hire Studio 6 a.k.a. ‘The Live Room’ which has over 50m2 of floor space on our first floor and is fully equipped with professional grade gear, drum shell kit (snare drum and/or cymbals available for surcharge), PA, Bass rig and guitar amps, not to mention a laid back vibe!

Studio 7 - ‘The Venue’
Studio 7 is our ‘performance’ studio and is accessible from the ground floor corridor, immediately opposite our restrooms. Fully equipped with professional grade gear, drum shell kit (snare drum and/or cymbals available for surcharge), PA, Bass rig and guitar amps.

Drummers - Remember to bring your snare drum, cymbals and sticks!
• We can provide a snare drum and/or cymbals for an additional charge per rehearsal.

We have not one, but two console rooms! On the ground floor, we have our ground control room with an Allen & Heath QU-32 desk which is linked to Studio's 1,2 and 3. Upstairs our main console room houses an Allen & Heath SQ7. This control room is linked to Studios 4, 5 and 6. This allows us to isolate people and instruments out if required or put everyone in Studio 6 a.k.a. ‘The Live Room’.

Our recordings are handled by our senior producer John and if you want to know more, simply use the form on the contact us page to make your enquiry or email producer@grstudios.co.uk - it's often best to book an appraisal session which will enable us to form a quote for recording, mixing and mastering of your music.

We can also help you to design CD's as demo's, singles, EP's or albums and take care of the entire duplication and packaging process.

We're currently working on a new online booking system however, in the meantime you can message us on Facebook or use the contact form on this site.
For more information, fill in the online form via the contact page, click the email link, give us a call or pop in to see us!
"If you can dream it, you can do it!" - Walt Disney

GreenRoomStudios began life in 2012 as a multimedia studio. It was originally intended to be a green screen room for film work for community media site Oxbox.TV and parent company Oxford Television Limited, which I set up with Richard Kibbey in 2011. The studio space was to double up as a rehearsal space for our own band. As things developed music took over, the word got out and other bands came in to hire the space. It was organic at its inception. Fluid, growing, functional and yet professional without being pompous.

Disaster struck just 8 months after we opened and the entire studio had to be relocated, we were very lucky to find space just over the road and a very understanding landlord. We were able to re-use much of the soundproofing, timber and plasterboard but the whole experience was hurried and I had to cut a few corners in order to get the room in use. The studio was kept buoyant for the next 2 years but struggled a little as other studios and practice room set up in the area

Throughout 2014 Oxford Television Limited began using the facilities more and secured a contract to provide voiceovers for a prestigious automotive brand. I decided that I would transfer ownership of the studios in to the company so that overheads and facilities would be shared and Richard could assume responsibility for the Website and technical development.

In Mid 2015 one of the other businesses in the building vacated their space and we immediately negotiated with our landlord to occupy more of the building. Plans were put in place for a 3000ft2 media hub including dedicated space for photography and film. Over the next few months, I visited several other studios, altered plans several times and came up with an overall design omitting the film and photography, requirements and concentrating on Music. At this precise moment, I received a message from John West. He was resigning from his job.

Richard and I had met John whilst filming something unrelated for Oxbox. John had then handled the music recording and mixing for the Oxbox live lounge and I had been invited in to the school where John was teaching to lecture on filming. I knew that John wanted to work at a proper studio doing work that he enjoys and he had been named in several of my previous business plans. John came in for a chat and left as the new Senior Producer for GreenRoomStudios. The next day, I had to move all of my desk in to another room as John moved in!

We are building something special, something to be proud of. From the outset, we have allowed the dream to grow and be influenced by others making it their dream too.

Daring to dream is a powerful thing!

Gavin Hyatt
Commercial Director
Oxford Television Limited
Founder of GreenRoomStudios

* minimum duration 2hr. 48hr Cancellation Policy: If you have pre-paid for your rehearsal, no refunds are provided for cancellations made within 48hrs prior to your rehearsal slot however, we will offer an alternative date and/or time where possible. If you have not pre-paid and wish to cancel within 48hrs or you are a 'no show', you will be liable to pay the full amount for your rehearsal slot.