How do I book a studio and do I need to do it in advance?
All you have to do is give us a call on 01993 773511, message us on Facebook, email us or use the form on our 'Contact' page in order to check availability and book. We always recommend that you book in advance to ensure you get the day/time you want. We do book up very quickly so try to book your session(s) as soon as possible!

Can I hire a rehearsal studio on a recurring weekly or monthly basis?
Yes you can, we're always happy to accommodate regular customers however, please don't ask us for discounted rates as we�re very competitively priced as it is. We don't play favourites and all we ask is that you abide by the same 48hr cancellation policy as everyone else (see below).

What is your cancellation policy?
You are required to give us 48 hours notice before cancelling your booking, otherwise we will have to ask that you cover the full cost of the cancelled booking. This is simply because we are so busy, particularly during peak weekday times, and often there will be a band waiting to take a slot which we can give them, if given adequate notice of cancellation! This applies to both recurring bookings and regular bookings.

Is there gear in the studios?
Yes, all of our rehearsal studios are fully equipped with at least two quality guitar amps, bass amp, drum kit c/w single pedal, 18 channel P.A. system, 3 microphones c/w stands. Cymbals, snare drums along with extra microphones/stands are not included in the hourly rate but can be hired for a small fee per session. For a more specific rundown of what gear is available you can check out each studio in the 'Rehearsal' section of our website.

Can I bring my own gear?
You're more than welcome to bring your own gear to rehearsal however, please ensure you leave enough time to break it down and check out of the room before your session time is up! If you bring your own amp heads don�t forget to bring your own speaker cabs as we accept no responsibility if your gear breaks down! If you break our speaker cabs due to using your own amp head (regardless if the ohms match) we will hold you responsible. If you're bringing your own drum kit, please take care while breaking our kits down to make room for yours and once again please leave plenty of time to break your kit down and put ours back before your session time ends.

Can I rearrange the house gear?
Each studio has been professionally engineered with the selection and placement of the gear to match the acoustics as well as the aesthetics of the studio. If you feel the need to move any of the gear around it is your responsibility to put it back in its original position at the end of your session! Allow any amplifiers time cool down prior to moving and ensure that amp heads stay with their matched speaker cabinets.

What if I want different gear than what's in the studio?
All studios come as standard with high quality gear. The guitar amps may differ from studio to studio! The brands we use are Marshall, Blackstar, Fender, Ashdown Engineering and Hartke. The bass rigs are Hartke and Trace Elliot. Each bass rig has a separate head with 4x10" (2x10" for Trace Elliot rig in Studio 3) top and a 15" bottom. If you find that you and your band prefer a certain studio over another due to different gear, just let us know when you book the studio and we'll do our best to get you in the studio of your choice. Please do not take any gear from the other studios to satisfy your needs!

What happens if I break something?
That will depend on the circumstances. We do expect gear will occasionally break or need repairing due to use. In the event of any studio equipment not working, please let a member of the GRS team know immediately so we can asses the situation and replace inoperable gear so that you can continue your rehearsal.

Do you have Wi-Fi?
Yes we do and its free! All you need to do is follow the instructions displayed on the wall in each of our studios.

Can I film in your studio?
Of course! We're more than happy for you to film in our studios and have had many clients use our studios for that exact reason. We just ask that you keep all filming within the studio you have booked, and don't film in the corridors, or any public areas. =

DIY recordings are intended only for your own personal development and are not for general release, please see our T&C's for more information with regards to DIY Recording.

Can I record myself in your studio?
If you have your own recording gear this isn't a problem and clients often use our rooms because they sound so great. Our mixing desks offer 2 track output via USB. All you need is a USB A-B Cable, a laptop/MacBook with pretty much any recording software installed and you're ready to go. Each studio has 3 microphones complete with stands. You may need to move the microphones round the room until you get the right levels as no band/artist is the same, it's a case of trial and error compared to using our proper recording facilities. If you're wanting to record your vocals too you may need to hire extra microphones and stands from us. Also, each studio is connected to one of our control rooms so we also offer our services to record your rehearsal for a nominal fee, please ask one of the GRS team for more information.

DIY recordings are intended only for your own personal development and are not for general release, please see our T&C's for more information with regards to DIY Recording.

Can I bring my friends to watch?
GreenRoomStudios is a place for serious musicians to rehearse and perfect their craft and most of all, have a great time doing it! The studios are not set up for spectators, however if everyone is cool, we are open�to one visitor per band member. All guests will be held to the same policies and rules as you and your band mates!

Do you sell strings and things?
We do indeed! Guitar strings are available to purchase from the vending machine along with a selection of snacks plus hot and cold drinks. We also have a 5A and 7A drum sticks available to purchase. Just ask a member of the GRS team!

Can I eat or drink in the studio?
You may eat and drink beverages in the studios however we do ask you to be respectful of GreenRoomStudios and to other musicians that use it. If you choose to eat or drink, please do not put anything on the gear! Just like you, other musicians come here to enjoy a clean and comfortable place to play, so please make use of the waste pins provided. Its up to all of use to help keep GreenRoomStudios clean! If you do spill a drink on the floor, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can clean it up before it stains the carpet tiles! We have a VAX and we're not afraid to use it!

Can I smoke or vape in the studio?
No, the smoking area is outside at the front of the building and a cigarette bin is mounted to the wall for you to extinguish your cigarette and dispose of the butt. Smoking or vaping is not allowed anywhere inside GreenRoomStudios.

Is there somewhere to put up notices/advertising/gig posters?
Yes, in the corridor, opposite the toilets is our notice board for this purpose! Please try to keep your posters at A4/A5 sizes. We will remove any out of date gig posters and ask you to ensure you remove anything else you pin to the board that is out of date.