Voice Overs

We provide voice overs for all types of commercial video and radio products, we're often asked to also provide music suitable for use in films, adverts and brand identity and we can produce these in house. Our Commercial Director, Gavin, is an equity accredited voice over artist and is the voice of several prestige automotive brands. We also have a wide range of voice actors who frequent our studios and apply their vocal talents to radio and TV adverts, jingles, telephone hold music, audio books, web videos and instructional productions to name but a few.

Our voice over facilities are also available to hire from �45 per hour (discounts available for half/full days) which includes a producer to assist with recording and editing, taking care of process from end to end. Alternatively we can give the files to you to edit yourself. We can link to other studios and producers using Skype™ or Source Connect™ and deliver files direct around the globe on the spot!

Music Tech

We offer courses for music production and technology up to degree level. As well as having our 2 control rooms, our acoustically treated music tech suite in Studio 4 is perfect for mastering audio. Studio 4 has a classroom lay out with several workstations allowing budding producers to learn and hone their skills.

Once a short introductory course has been completed, workstations are available to hire by the hour, either with one of our tutors or on your own.

Mixing & Mastering

We have a range of monitors, software plugins and outboard equipment for processing and polishing every aspect of any audio production. Whether you have recorded with us or have your stem files which need work, we are happy to help. We can provide you with a workstation, iMac and cans or monitors to work through your project (with or without our help), or you can leave it up to us.

CD/DVD Duplication

Once your masterpiece is completed, we can assist in mastering and authoring to disc. We can also help you to design your own artwork for CD's, DVD's and packaging. We have a great relationship with a local duplicator who make commercial quality products and we are happy to arrange work on your behalf or provide you with their details to arrange it yourself. The more you want to order, the cheaper they get!