Recording Studios
We have not one, but two console rooms! On the ground floor, we have our project studio which is linked to Studio’s 1,2 and 3 as well as the radio studio which can be used as a drum or vocal booth. Upstairs our main console room houses our 48 channel Soundtracs Quartz analogue desk and Mackie d8b 48 channel digital desk. This control room is linked to the downstairs control room (and it’s linked rooms), studios 4 and 5 so we can isolate people and instruments out if required… or put everyone in Studio 6 a.k.a. ‘The Live Room’.

Our recordings are handled by our senior producer John and if you want to know more, simply use the form on the contact us page to make your enquiry or email - it's often best to book an appraisal session which will enable us to form a quote for recording, mixing and mastering of your music.

We can also help you to design CD’s as demo’s, singles, EP’s or albums and take care of the entire duplication and packaging process.