Recording Terms & Conditions

Bookings - Cancellations
We ask that, whenever possible, you give us 48 hours notice before cancelling your booking, otherwise we will have to ask that you cover the full cost of the cancelled booking. This is simply because we are so busy, particularly during peak weekday times, and often there will be a band waiting to take a slot which we can give them, if given adequate notice of cancellation! This applies to both block bookings and regular bookings. Allowances for cancellations due to extreme circumstances are made at the discretion of the management.

Bookings - Start & End Times
We only allow bookings to start and end on the hour at hourly intervals. For example, you can�t start at 7.30pm, you need to decide whether 7pm or 8pm is best for you. If you chose 7pm and arrive at 7.30pm, your booking still began at 7pm. The minimum duration of a booking is 1 hour, normally we have no maximum duration however from time to time some offers may have maximum duration applied.

Bookings - Duration - Time Paid For
We ask that you pay for the time you book. If you decide that you only need 2 hours instead of 3 for example, please contact us and change the duration before turning up in the same way that you would contact us to cancel. Deciding on the day means that another band could have lost out on rehearsal time.

Studio Preference
We don't play favourites, you're booking rehearsal space and not a particular studio. At the time of booking, each studio is allocated by availability and we do understand that you may prefer one studio over another however consideration also has to be made for the number of band members. For instance, a band that has 6 members or more will be allocated a larger studio than a band consisting of 4 members. This is purely for practical reasons and in no way are studios assigned by who we like the most!

DIY Recording
Whilst we are happy for you to carry out your own reference recording and videos within the studios, these are deemed to be for your own personal use or for development and should not be offered for general release. We have spent tens of thousands of pounds on sound proofing, acoustic separation and treatment in our rooms specifically so they sound great in our recordings and are perfect for several bands to rehearse in the building simultaneously, However, when we record, all other adjacent rooms are vacated to allow for a sound sterile environment. We have also spent further money on professional signal chain equipment to get the best possible results from recording here.

We have in the past had issues where recordings have been released under the guise that they were recorded by us. These were at best, rehearsal quality performances, captured by consumer quality equipment and an inexperienced producer. We were tagged in the recordings and they appeared in search engine results as such gave the appearance that they were produced by us. We feel our brand may have been tarnished as a direct result.

Please bear in mind that we are a Recording Studio and part of a media production company. Recording & Producing music is how we make a living and continue to offer first class facilities. Our rehearsal rates are greatly discounted and simply cover our overhead costs. This brings bands in to sample our environment and encourages them to develop and ultimately record with us. DIY recording for release, promotion or commercial use, using our facilities is therefore specifically and strictly prohibited! It�s a kick in the balls and a slap in the face! To put it another way, it is similar to taking a picnic in to a restaurant, you just can�t do it.

We are currently developing a self-service project studio upstairs (Studio 4), complete with Allen & Heath QU24 desk and Roland TD50KVX flagship drumkit, line 6 outboard modules, a Mac-Mini and Apple Logic Pro X. This will enable bands and artists who want to self-produce to do so in a purpose-built environment. Studio 4 will be a sub-brand of GreenRoomStudios and will be available for �0 per hour for recording or � per hour as a rehearsal only room and provides a half-way house solution to those who want to record on a budget or want greater control over their material. Further to this, our new Live room (Studio 6) and Venue room (Studio 7) will be available by the hour, day or week to dry hire for music video production but this will be priced separately to our general rehearsal rates.

We do not offer credit facilities however, if you are unable to pay the full amount, please let us know in advance so we can arrange a convenient time for you to pay any outstanding monies. We accept bank transfers if this helps. Each case is treated on an individual basis and any decisions made are subject to the managements discretion at the time of payment.

We understand that the studio equipment will break down from time to time due to wear and tear. All we ask is that you tell us when it does though! We will not charge you for it breaking down of its own accord and the sooner we know about it, the sooner we can get it repaired. Also if you find that you have taken studio equipment home with you by accident, please let us know and return it as soon as possible. There is no penalty for this, as we know it can be easily done while packing up however, we do operate a zero tolerance policy on theft, and any bands caught stealing will be banned. We also reserve the right to charge bands if there is evidence of mistreatment of equipment. Remember each studio is equipped with CCTV for your safety and ours.

Food & Drink
You are allowed to bring your own food and drink into the studio however, it must not be placed on the equipment under any circumstances. Any damage caused to equipment, carpet, furniture, fixtures or fittings due to spillages or negligence with food and drink will be chargeable.

We politely ask that bands leave the studios as they found them, particularly if there is a band in after your booking. All the gear is free to use and move around as necessary however, please ensure that it is returned to its original position and allow valve amps a few minutes to cool down prior to moving them as they are easily damaged when hot. Any rubbish including broken drumsticks, strings etc can be placed in the bin provided but we do ask that empty alcohol and food containers are taken home with you. It really help other bands, artists and us too!

We currently recycle most of the rubbish that we generate and by not having to pay for regular refuse collections helps keep our overheads down. We pass those savings on by keeping our hourly rates as low as possible, benefiting you and we�d hate to have to change this position.

Personal Items - Lost Property
Please ensure that you do not leave your personal items unattended and that you take all of your belongings with you when you leave. The studios are not responsible for any personal items that are lost or damaged on the premises however, please contact us if you have misplaced something so we can check our lost property.

Smoking (inc. Vaping)
Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere inside the building. Care should be taken if you roll your own cigarettes, tobacco should NOT be left on any surfaces of the studio. If you leave the premises to smoke, please ensure that you are at a safe distance from the building and that your cigarette stubs are extinguished and disposed off using the wall mounted cigarette bin provided. When exiting and entering the building please remember that the main entrance door must remain closed at all times. Any theft and/or damages that may occur as a result of the door being left open will be chargeable.

The studio operates a zero tolerance policy on drugs. If you are suspected of using or found to be in possession of any controlled substance on the premises, you will be asked to leave and reported to the authorities.

We have limited parking at the front of the studio, there is space for at least 4 vehicles so please park responsibly. Additional parking is available during the evenings and weekends thanks to our friends at Witney Plant Hire, you are permitted to park outside their buildings when necessary, all that we ask is that you respect their property as you would ours and try not to park too close to their buildings as they are fitted with security sensors that trigger CCTV and alert them of a possible break in. From time to time they may have a lorry that needs to park up outside their building, this may require you to move your vehicle to another location near the studio. Please note that we take no reposibility for any damage caused to vehicles or any lost/stolen items from your vehicle.