Studio 1

Studio 1 is accessible from our main reception on the ground floor. A spacious and bright room with sliding double glazed entrance door, two triple glazed windows to outside (with blinds for privacy) and a small, quad glazed window providing line of sight through the other studio rooms on the ground floor.

The room is over 20m2 (220ft2), ideal for solo artists right up to large bands alike, popular with music teachers. Studio 1 also features a ducted air flow system keeps the room cool without allowing noise in (or out) plus a 3 seater sofa and coffee table provide a relaxing area for writing, flaking out during downtime or for guests who are sitting in on your rehearsal.

Studio 1 is equipped with,

PA system
• Behringer X1832USB Xenyx Mixer
• SoundLab 500W Stereo Power Amplifier
• Wharfedale EVP-X12 MkII Loudspeakers (Horn + 1x12")
• Peavey 100W Floor Monitors

Drum Kit - Custom recondition Pearl Export Series Fusion (⇈ · ⇊) consisting of,
• 10", 12" and 14" ISS Mounted Toms
• 16" Floor Tom
• Pearl Bass Pedal
• Pearl Hi-Hat Stand (2 Leg)
• 3 x Pearl Heavty Duty Cymbal Stands

• Guitar: Blackstar Half Stack - Series One Valve 100W Amp Head + 4x12" Blackstar S1412A
• Guitar: Marshall Valvestate 2000 Half Stack - Marshall AVT150H 150W Amp Head + 4x12" Marshall Cab
• Bass: Hartke Kilo 1000W Bass Amp Head + 4x10" Hartke Hydrive Cab + 1 x 15" Hartke Hydrive Cab

Studio 1 is linked to the ground floor control room via a multi-core snake for recording purposes.

Drummers - Remember to bring your snare drum, cymbals and sticks!
• We can provide a snare drum and/or cymbals for an additional charge per rehearsal.
• If you want to use your own kit for rehearsal, please let us know in advance so we can remove the studio kit in time.

Rehearsal Recording
Feel free to record your own practice. Our mixing desks offer 2 track output via USB. All you need is a USB A-B Cable, a laptop/macbook with pretty much any recording software installed and you're ready to go. Studio 1 comes with 3 mics complete with stands. You may need to move the mics round the room until you get the right levels as no band/artist is the same, it's a case of trial and error compared to using our proper recording facilities. If you're wanting to record your vocals too you may need to hire extra mics and stands from us.

As each of the Studios is connected to one of our control rooms, we can also offer our services to record your rehearsal for you. For more details about this service contact us here or ask us when you're next in.

Extra Equipment
If you need more mics, amps or have forgotten cables etc., you can hire them from us!
• Extra microphone, stand and XLR cable for an additional charge per rehearsal.
• Extra guitar amplifiers for an additional charge per rehearsal, contact us here for makes/models and price as they do vary.
• Jack to Jack guitar leads for an additional charge per rehearsal.

* minimum duration 2hr. 48hr Cancellation Policy: If you have pre-paid for your rehearsal, no refunds are provided for cancellations made within 48hrs prior to your rehearsal slot however, we will offer an alternative date and/or time where possible. If you have not pre-paid and wish to cancel within 48hrs or you are a 'no show', you will be liable to pay the full amount for your rehearsal slot.