Studio 5

Studio 5 is accessible from the first floor corridor. A double glazed sliding door entrance and large window to the front of the building make this room feel much bigger than it is.

The room is over 15m2 (165ft2) and primarily used as the drum room for recording in conjunction with Studio 5 and offers a clear line of sight into the main live room.

A 2 seat sofa and coffee table provide a relaxing area for writing, flaking out during downtime or for guests who are sitting in on your rehearsal.

The room is equipped with a PA system, loudspeakers and floor monitors, microphones and stands, drum kit, Trace Elliot bass rig, Marshall guitar half stack and an Ashdown guitar half stack.

Studio 5 is linked to the Main control room via a multi core snake for recording purposes.

Drummers - Remember to bring your snare drum, cymbals and sticks!
• We can provide a snare drum and/or cymbals for an additional charge per rehearsal.
• If you want to use your own kit for rehearsal, please let us know in advance so we can remove the studio kit in time.

* minimum duration 2hr. 48hr Cancellation Policy: If you have pre-paid for your rehearsal, no refunds are provided for cancellations made within 48hrs prior to your rehearsal slot however, we will offer an alternative date and/or time where possible. If you have not pre-paid and wish to cancel within 48hrs or you are a 'no show', you will be liable to pay the full amount for your rehearsal slot.